Saturday, June 23, 2012

Water Baloon

Don't worry all you super cautious parents out there, we may let Blaine play with water balloons, but only when he's closely supervised and the balloons aren't very full so they're not easy to pop.

What to Watch?

Blaine watches Baby Einstein all the time, but when Dad is playing Zelda he has hard time deciding which screen is more exciting. Give the video a second to see Blaine. We have to hide the camera, because whenever he sees it he just stars at it instead of doing whatever we were trying to film.

Peek a Boo!

Blaine likes to play Peek a Boo by himself.  He can do this for forever and be perfectly content.


After dinner for Andy's birthday we took Blaine and Juniper to a toy store.  Blaine really loved the puppets!

I Love Mumum!

Blaine was tired and couldn't sleep one night.  So we put him in the swing and Andy was trying to get him to copy what he was saying.  If you watch long enough he says I love mumum pretty clearly. 

Story Time

Blaine loves books!  He likes to play with them, but he also likes story time with Dad.


Blaine and Juniper love to watch Baby Einstein together.

Andy's Birthday!

 Steve and Karen came for dinner the night before Andy's birthday, and Charlie wanted to hold Blaine.

 Blaine helped Andy open his presents.

After dinner we let Blaine and Juniper play in the splash pads at Riverwoods.

Ward Luau

Oh the Ways Blaine Can Sleep!

 Exhausted after playing with his toys, Blaine likes to fall asleep in his swing.

 Blaine woke up from a nap and wasn't too happy when he realized his arm was stuck between the crib and the wall.  If only he'd stay where we put him when we lay him down to sleep.

When Blaine falls asleep in his car seat, he's often still holding onto a toy hanging from the bar above him.  He still holds on to the toy until he wakes up.

Blaine was actually asleep like this holding onto the bar.  We tried prying his fingers off so he could lay more comfortably but he wouldn't let go so we just let him sleep like that.

First Swim!

Conan, A Baby's Best Friend

Blaine's Silly Face

Grandpa's Birthday

 Blaine and Maely enjoying Baby Einstein together. 

Blaine and Nash showing each other some love.  Blaine is sure going to miss Nash when he moves :(

Hide and Go Seek

Blaine loves to roll everywhere now, and seems to always find new places to hide.  This is where I found him one morning after leaving the room for less than 2 minutes.

Blaine's Quilt

My cute boy laying on the quilt I made him.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rolly Polly Blaine

Blaine has figured out how to roll around now.  He rolls all over the place and has figured out how to get to something he sees when he wants to.  He's become quite the little mischievous guy and loves to roll over to our computer cords and put them in his mouth.  Needless to say, we've been thinking about baby proofing the house, and we keep a much closer eye on him.


Blaine always wins the wrestling matches with his favorite stuffed animal!

Food Glorious Food!

Blaine loves to eat, but learning to eat solid food was quite the adventure! We started him with rice cereal and then carrots on Easter morning a week or so later.  It took a while to teach him how to eat without making such a mess.  One of us would hold his hands down and the other would feed him; this picture is from before he got the hang of things.

The Many Faces of Blaine Andrew Hurd







Blaine and Juniper enjoying their Easter Baskets and Bunny Ears.
Boys just want to have fun, and I guess launching Easter eggs is more entertaining than watching them roll down a hill.  Who knew a water balloon launcher could launch more than water balloons?

Rubba Dub Dub, Blaine loves the Tub!

Blaine had fun catching bubbles on his hand in the tub.  He also loves getting out of the tub and wrapping up in his towel to dry off!

Blaine's Worst Nightmare?

Apparently Blaine is terrified of the noise it makes when you blow raspberries into a paper towel roll. We blew into it a few times and then calmed him down.  We thought the face he made was so funny we decided to do it one more time for the camera and he didn't even let us blow into it, just seeing the paper towel roll was enough.

One small step for Blaine...

Tickeling Blaine

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Andy's 22nd Birthday

Andy had to take a final on his birthday, and we really didn't do much celebrating, but we did go out to lunch, Andy got a few presents, and I made him peanut butter bars for his birthday cake. Singing happy birthday to him by myself, before he blew out the candles, was kind of pathetic; but for a birthday during finals week, I think he has a pretty good day.

Andy's 22nd Birthday

Andy just being happy because it's his birthday! (Above)
Andy showing off his new clothes and umbrella. (Below)

Andy being a poser.

Andy when I asked him to be serious so I could take a picture.

Andy showing off his presents.

Andy in front of where we went for burgers and fries ever!!!

Andy with his peanut butter bar cake.

Andy getting ready to blow out his candles.

Andy blowing out his candles.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Jewelry Giveaway

Check our a really cool jewelry giveaway, but don't enter to win because that would lesson my chances of winning...j/k enter to win, it's fun:)

Our Home

Our first apartment is just a studio apartment. We live in downtown Evanston, so there is always a lot going on outside. I didn't take pictures of the bathroom, because it was too small to even bother. There are a few bars near where we live and we get to wake up to drunks yelling in the street in the middle of the night sometimes, but we've come up with a solution to this problem. We're just going to buy a squirt gun, and spray them from our window whenever they wake us up. We've decided it would be rather amusing, although we don't have a squirt gun yet, but maybe some day.

Our Home

Our kitchen, and yes that really is all of it.

All of our cute dishes.

Our "dining room" area.

The view from the couch.

Our window/book shelf.

View from the doorway.

Our super cute bed. I love this bedspread!!!

Botanical Gardens

For our one month anniversary Andy took me to the botanical gardens. The flowers were just blooming and we walked around for hours. Isn't he so romantic?

Botanical Gardens

A nice view over one of the ponds.

A banana tree.

The flowers were in full bloom and there were thousands of them.

There were islands covered in flowers, unfortunately the pictures don't do them justice.